The Eternal Appeal of the Bracelet

Bracelets are some of the most attractive and adaptable jewelry you can own. A bracelet enhances a slender wrist and pretty hands; it catches the eye without being flaunting or over-extravagant.

Traditionally, in many countries a silver bracelet is given as a gift to a new baby for her baptism. Few things look sweeter than a daintily engraved silver band on a chubby baby girl's wrist. Why silver? Because it actually has antiseptic properties, and is thought to preserve health. And you could equally well give the same gift to a baby boy - choosing a plainer, more masculine style - why not?

Charm bracelets make delightful gifts for women young and old. The perfect present for a young teen, the bracelet is added to on each special occasion and eventually becomes a wearable record of her life. Birthdays, graduation, sporting achievement, vacations, pets, first love – all can be remembered with a delightful charm. They are memories you can wear right on your wrist, and a wonderful talking point.

The tennis bracelet has become one of the chic-est modern accessories; they can be dressy, expensive and diamond studded, or simpler, perhaps set with semiprecious gemstones. Whether you choose elaborate or refined, a tennis bracelet dresses up casual clothes and makes sportswear look ladylike.

Older women frequently love to wear big chunky jewelry, which suits their often dramatic good looks and mature confidence. A perennial favorite is the silver bracelet set with large turquoise, amethyst or amber gemstones. Silver looks particularly special if you have allowed your hair to keep its beautiful natural silver gray coloring.

Bracelets can be mixed and matched, grouped and layered. Providing you choose carefully, you can wear many bracelets at once. This is a big part of the fun of choosing a wardrobe of bracelets. For example, twenty or more thin bangles in differing designs look stunning, especially against tanned or darker hued skin, and the whispering chime they make as a woman moves, along with their shimmer and glitter, is entrancing. Or choose a range of silver bracelets in differing designs but set with the same color range of gemstones. Purple and blue, pink and orange, green and amber - the combinations are as varied as your own imagination and taste.

The men need not feel left out. The classic sterling silver identity bracelet always looks handsome, and makes a very special gift. Important medical information can also be engraved on an elegant bracelet, and this could well be a life saver. Speaking of engraving, bracelets engraved with the names of a pair of lovers make adorable engagement and wedding gifts.

To find a beautiful range of bracelets for gifts or just for yourself, take a look at our collection and find out just how you can build a wonderful bracelet wardrobe of the highest quality and the most unique designs, at appealingly reasonable prices.




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