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5. How do I determine my correct ring size?

To help you determine the correct ring size, you can use our Ring Sizer.

Using our Ring Sizer is easy!

Option 1. If you have an old ring that fits you well, simply place it directly on a circle so that the circle's black border is barely visible inside your ring. The number written inside the circle is your ring size.

Option 2. If you do not already have a ring that fits you, no worries! Cut out our Ring Sizer, wrap it around your finger and run the pointed end through the slit. Your approximate ring size is the number that appears.

Please make sure that the printed Ring Sizer has been printed correctly by checking that the reference at the top of the page is of correct size by comparing it to a regular ruler. If the reference's size is not correct, turn off "scaling" in your printer's options.




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