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6. How can I care for and maintain my Jeveva jewelry?

We, as a jewelry company, do everything possible to ensure that our pieces are made so that they can be cherished by you and your family, and last for generations to come. It is for this very reason that we use only the highest quality .925 sterling silver, gemstones and other materials that we can get our hands on.

Proper maintenance and care will extend the life and value of your jewelry.

Take care not to subject your jewelry to any hard impacts or unneeded pressure as this may bend and scratch the precious metal or scratch and chip the valuable imbedded or strung gemstones. Moreover, we highly recommend that you store your Jeveva jewelry items separately so as to prevent them from scratching each other.

Pollution, dust, and general daily wear may eventually reduce your silver jewelry's natural luster and sheen. Thankfully, this is usually only temporary. We highly recommend you to polish your Jeveva designs when necessary by rubbing gently with a special silver polishing cloth.

Please note that some Jeveva sterling silver pieces have parts that are specifically "blackened out" in order for other elements to stand out more. This is an entirely artistic choice, to make the contrast in the item more eye-catching. We ask that you take extra care when you are cleaning or polishing these pieces because the contrasting black finish may be accidentally removed by highly ardent polishing.

We strongly advise you not to subject any Jeveva jewelry that contains pearls, abalone or gemstones to ultrasonic or steam cleaning. Also, to keep your Jeveva jewelry bright and radiant, avoid unnecessarily exposing it to extreme temperature or light for long periods of time. 

Never use any cleaning chemicals when washing any type of jewelry.

Remember, as skilled artists and artisans who value our craft, we are just as concerned as you are with keeping your jewelry pieces looking as radiant and stunning as the day they were made.




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