A New Approach to the Brooch

Brooches, or pins, as they are sometimes called, are an unfairly neglected part of the jewelry wardrobe. They have to an extent gone out of fashion, along with wearing hats in church and gloves at all times.

Brooches are actually due to make a comeback, as people turn to the past for their fashion inspiration. And with good reason - a carefully placed brooch can enhance a plain outfit and make it sophisticated and stylish.

Most of us at some time or other are called to wear formal clothing; perhaps a suit for work. To see the suit looking much too severe, just look at the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. She rightly wants to look dignified, and she is an attractive woman. She is often seen wearing a necklace, but never earrings or a brooch. Just imagine how a lovely brooch and some neat sparkling earrings would lift the whole picture.

Now in contrast, look at Prince Charles of England's wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who also needs to look dignified. She often uses a beautiful brooch to lift a rather serious outfit. In particular, she has a magnificent emerald and diamond brooch which looks stunning with a plain navy suit. Another favorite is a small diamond twist of flowers. It is interesting to study images of Camilla, and see how she uses her obviously extensive collection of jewels, including many lovely brooches, to add excitement and pizzazz to her outfits.

For a rather younger brooch lover, check out Emma Stone in her gorgeous red Lanvin dress with a stunning flower shaped brooch at the waist, seen at her recent movie premiere. The brooch is really ripe for a revival, so, why not, like Emma, be a trend setter instead of a trend follower. Choose some great brooches for yourself; wear them with panache, and check to see how long it is before your friends are doing the same!

Brooches do not have to be pinned to a lapel! You can use them in at the center point of a low neckline to draw attention to a lovely cleavage, or you can pin them at the hip of a long, slinky dress, in hats, or in an interesting and rather dashing variation, near the wrist on the sleeve of a long sleeved sweater.




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