Fascinating and Feminine Earrings

Earrings are amongst the most flirty and sexy jewelry that we wear. What looks more enticing than the glimpse of a sparkling diamond on a rosy earlobe, almost, but not quite, hidden in mass of glossy raven hair? Or the gleam of a lustrous pearl against an elegant swan-like neck? Earrings draw attention to your face, and especially to your eyes, in a way which no other jewelry can.

Luckily, there are earrings to suit every age and taste. Young girls should choose simple or fun styles – small silver hoops, crosses, hearts, stars or animals. More mature women can pull out all the stops, being as bold or discreet as the mood takes them, and we have a transfixing range of earrings to suit all tastes.

The basic choice is between earrings for pierced ears and clips for those who do not have pierced ears. In the long run, pierced ears, although they can be a little painful at first, are going to allow a much greater range of choices, and much less discomfort overall. Even the most cunningly crafted clip-on earrings can pinch after hours of wear, and they are not very secure - they are much more likely to fall off unnoticed, and that is why many jewelry boxes are full of odd earrings!

When choosing earrings, you can really go to town. But first, take a good careful look at your head and neck. If you have a short neck, then earrings should be proportionate. Great long dangling earrings will fall almost to your shoulders, and simply look ungraceful. Go for studs, or medium length earrings. A good rule that you can go by is that the bottom of the earrings should fall around level with the bottom of your chin.

If you wear your hair short or swept up, even small earrings will stand out beautifully, especially if you choose ones set with sparkling gemstones. If your hair is long, and worn down, then you can go to town with important drop earrings or big bold hoops.

Gemstones or not - it is your choice. You should be consistent though; if you are wearing a gemstone-encrusted necklace, then you should match it up with similar gemstone earrings. Earrings are your chance to be extravagant with color and sparkle. If you have blue eyes, then go for blue gemstones like sapphires. Green eyes? Then emeralds are the obvious complement to that lovely color. Brown eyed girls love amber and topaz, and if you are lucky enough to have gray or violet eyes, then amethyst or fascinating smokey opals are the gemstones for you.

Collecting a wardrobe of earrings to match your mood is fun. Sporty, romantic, classic, sexy, businesslike - whatever your look is today, we have a marvelous choice of fabulous, high quality, well priced earrings to add to your treasures.




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