Gorgeous Gemstones to Collect and to Wear

When we think of gemstones, we usually think of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other rare and expensive stones. But in fact some of the most beautiful and desirable stones in the world are those that are generally called semiprecious!

We have selected a gorgeous range of semiprecious stones and beads which will not only make you look good, but will attract comments that a plain old run of the mill gemstone never will. "What is that fabulous stone that you're wearing? Where did you get it?"

Gemstones are affordable and fascinating, and you can use them to make your own jewelry, or simply put them in a pretty glass container to admire. Here are some of our personal favorites:


Everyone knows that turquoise is, well, turquoise in color. Well, everyone knows wrong! In fact, you can get white, green and even yellow turquoise, although the famous blue green color is by far the most common. Turquoise looks stunning in combination with sterling silver, goes great with a tan, and looks amazing on more mature ladies with beautiful silver or gray hair.


Coral is a product of the sea, and consists of the minute exoskeletons of tiny sea creatures, laid down over the years. Coral can come plain or carved, and ranges in color from rare golden coral, through palest pink, orange, to blood red. It is the ideal gemstone for casual summer wear, and always sets off a sundress to perfection.


Beautiful transparent amber is fossilized resin, and if you are lucky, you might find a tiny prehistoric insect or leaf caught in one of your amber beads. From palest lemon to richest mahogany, amber offers us the whole range of yellow, orange gold and brown shades, and always looks fantastic on sultry brunettes.


The word "amethyst" comes for the Greek word for sobriety. It is the most valuable variety of quartz, and the color ranges from palest violet to deepest purple. Like many stones, it is thought to be a love charm, and it is the birth stone for the Valentine month February.


Hematite is traditionally associated with the power of the blood and is worn by some people as a guard for their health. But the real beauty of this stone is its fabulous lustrous gray black coloring. It is dramatic and stunning against any skin color, and very sophisticated. (Caution – this stone has magnetic properties and should not be worn if you use a pacemaker or other electronic medical device, or are pregnant.)


Jade is famously sought after, and the very finest jade can be worth a king's ransom. Eastern cultures have always associated jade with good luck and great wealth. The elegant green shades are particularly flattering for redheads.


Rich and delicious red, the name garnet derives from the word for seed, and it is thought to have been giving this name because it resembles beautiful jewel-like pomegranate seeds. This is the birthstone for January, giving us a flash of deep warmth in the coldest winter month. It is a great choice for brunettes.


Aventurine may be a new stone to many, but it is definitely one to seek out. It comes in a variety of colors, but the most important and beautiful are the green shades. It has a kind of luminous glow known as aventurescence, and its glistening good looks are sure to attract admiring attention.


Agate comes in a wide range of colors. Oftentimes, these are enchantingly streaked to give a rather boho look. Wearers of agate are said to be gifted with insight and the power of persuasion – we think these lovely semiprecious stones are just fascinating and high attractive.


Citrine, as the name suggests, comes in a range of colors from sharp lemon to orange- the whole citrus fruit palette, in fact! These transparent gem beads really sing out against dark or tanned skin, and they are a great choice to wear with black or white outfits. Citrine is traditionally thought to be helpful to wear if you suffer from headaches.


Another somewhat unfamiliar gemstone which comes in delicious shades of blue and in green. Healers ascribe chalcedony with the power to improve character. If you are a blue eyed blonde, then trust us, you are going to want to try chalcedony.


Carnelian comes from India and South America. The darkest red and orange shades are the most sought after, but many people enjoy wearing carnelian in its whole range, from light to dark.

This stone is thought to have the property of healing wounds, perhaps because of its blood like color, and of making the wearing feel happy. After all, who wouldn't feel happy wearing this lovely gemstone?


This may be another unfamiliar name, and we have to confess, it is one of our favorites with its limpid lavender, mauve and purple shades. The purple rainbow variety is the most frequently found although fluorite offers an entire spectrum of shades to intrigue and fascinate. This lovely semiprecious gemstone has traditionally been thought to improve the intellect of its wearers.

Gray Feldspar

Not the most obvious of choices, the gray effect comes from black flecks in a white or sometimes beige base stone. Combines well with other stones, but we love the effect of big twisted ropes of gray feldspar, perhaps mixed with hematite, for a very sophisticated and understated look.


Opal is one of the most beautiful and intriguing semiprecious stones. Coming in a range of colors, from white, through blue, green, lavender, pink, all the way through to black, this lovely stone makes a beautiful pendant or ring stone. Some people think that opal brings bad luck, but we have all been successfully wearing opal for years and just love its beauty and its intriguing veining!

This is just a small selection of the fabulous gemstones which could be a wonderful addition to any ensemble, and we are always here to help and advise you on your choice.




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