Traditional Jewelry for Men
Traditional Jewelry for Men

It's not just the ladies who love jewelry! Ever since barbarian kings decked themselves with war trophies, men have loved to wear precious metals.

But for the modern man, it is important to get just the right balance between wearing jewelry which is appropriately chunky and impressive, and that which is just plain gaudy.

Silver is always just a little understated, and so you can afford to be bold in your choice, and go for substantial, important looking pieces without fear of overdoing things. As such, our selection reflects the taste of the mature and sophisticated male.


Cufflinks never go out of style, and the man who buys tailored shirts will need a number of pairs in his jewelry wardrobe. Our range offers something for every taste, from smooth and sophisticated classic designs to quirky fun ideas which will be a real talking point. The nice thing about buying cufflinks as a gift is that you can never have too many of them. They do have tricky little habit of getting mislaid, and the cry of "Have you seen my cufflinks?" is a familiar one. So buy your man several pairs!


A chain sets off a handsome chest to perfection. If you man works hard developing his pecs, then he is sure to want a chain to help show them off. Whatever style of chain you go for, consider whether your man has a hairy chest. If he does, choose the smoothest chain you can find; you really do not want him tweaking his chest hair! Men generally do not wear charms on chains, but he might appreciate a religious symbol.


Identity bracelets make a great gift for any man. You can have them engraved with his name, both your names, a special date, a love message or usefully, important medical information. Generally the bigger the wrist, the thicker the bracelet should be. A big guy does not want something dainty! If your man is slimmer, he can carry off a lighter style and look great doing it.


There is a trend for young men to wear several rings, whereas older men tend to be more conservative and stick to their wedding band plus perhaps a signet ring. Rings can also be engraved, and as the engraving is hidden inside, you can devise the most romantic and intimate message that you know he will always wear and remember.

Plain rings always look good, but for something really special, rings set with handsome gemstones are easy for a good looking guy to carry off.




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