The Allure of the Necklace

Sophia Loren, the Italian actress renowned for her beauty, once said, "A jewel is beautiful to see, to touch, to posses." This is particularly true of the necklace. Just remember the many, many movie scenes in which the hero has placed an exquisite necklace around the neck of his love. She immediately crosses her hands over the jewel, clasping it close to her heart. Next, she rushes to admire herself in the nearest mirror.

The necklace is of course designed to draw attention to a beautiful neck and bosom. Just the hint of a glittering gem is both graceful and alluring, and hints at unrevealed pleasures.

It is important to scale a necklace correctly. If you have an ample bosom, you really do not want a thick and heavy necklace creating a bulky outline. Instead, draw attention to those peachy curves with an intricate sterling silver chain at the collarbone. If you are classically petite, then choose something more bold and substantial, perhaps ropes of freshwater pearls or semiprecious gemstones, showing off and enhancing your femininity.

Young girls always look pretty with a locket; perhaps a heart shaped one containing a favorite picture. For many girls, this will be their first real piece of jewelry made of a precious metal. Lucky charms are delightful to collect, and very endearing on young girls. Animals, sports equipment, famous landmarks and flowers are all popular themes.

Crosses are popular first communion gifts, and a dainty necklace is the ideal gift for your bridesmaid, especially if it has gemstones or semiprecious stones which match the wedding color theme.

If you are wearing a scoop neck dress, a short necklace finishes your look. A low cut evening dress in silk or satin is perfectly set off by a fabulous choker. If you crave that long elegant rope of gemstones or pearls, then match it with a high necked sweater and a pair of tailored trousers or a long skirt for a highly sophisticated look.

If your necklace is very special, then other jewelry should be simple, to allow it to speak for itself. For example, plain silver small hoop earrings and a plain silver bracelet can be matched with an important chunky sterling silver and amber necklace.




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