The Attraction of Pendants and Charms

Pendants and charms are probably the most ancient jewelry known to man and woman. Since the earliest of times, people have associated little objects with good luck, and have wanted to use them to adorn their bodies and continue receiving that good fortune.

It is interesting to wonder what the very first pendant might have been. Perhaps a woman had a very hard birthing, but she and her baby lived. She happened to have picked up a pretty stone with a hole in it earlier that week. Did the stone bring her luck? In a world of danger and uncertainty, maybe it was a good idea to keep hold of that pretty stone. She threaded it with a leather thong and wore it around her neck for the rest of her life. Perhaps she lived to be an old woman. Other people wanted her good luck as well, and found their own stones to wear, and so a tradition of pendants and charms began.

Thousands of years later, pendants and charms are an everyday part of the jewelry wardrobe. Generally, we are more concerned with that they are pretty, or that they reflect something of our beliefs, rather than believing in them bringing us luck.

Amongst the most popular pendants are crosses, generally worn by Protestants and Episcopalians, crucifixes (which have the body of Jesus on the cross) which are generally worn by Catholics, Stars of David, worn by Jewish people, and a word from the Koran or a crescent moon, for Muslims. These are often given as gifts on important religious occasions such as a baptism, first communion or bar mitzvah. Generally these are made of a precious metal such as sterling silver, and can range from heavy and chunky for men to light and delicate for young children.

Another iconic symbol is, of course, the heart. A heart shaped pendant is a lovely gift between a boyfriend and girlfriend, on engagement, for a wedding or on the birth of a baby. Classically, a heart pendant will take the form of an engraved locket, which opens to show photographs of a loving couple or an adorable baby picture.

Charms come in all shapes and kinds. Animals, sports, landmarks, toys, transport, love symbols - a whole range of pretty trinkets which can be worn either singly on a chain or in groups, and which serve as a reminder of happy events. A charm bracelet makes a thoughtful gift, and it also means that the question of what to buy on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentine's Day is solved just about forever!

A pendant does not have to have a meaning associated with it. It can just be an exquisite gemstone. A simple diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, opal or topaz on a pretty chain is a gift which any woman will love, and it is infinitely adaptable to any occasion, from a trip to the mall to a dress-up evening event.

It is worth mentioning opals again, as they are often made into pendants. Their fascinating colors and swirling patterns are uniquely suited to taking center stage as a pendant framed in sterling silver. Other semiprecious stones such as amber, coral and turquoise are very popular, especially when combined with a chunky silver chain as jewelry for every day.




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