Rings Full of Meaning for Every Occasion

Of all the jewelry that we possess, rings are without a doubt the most evocative and important.

When we are at school, we have the pledge ring for our fraternity or sorority. We have the ring we wear to show that we play on the team. A ring is often a special twenty first birthday gift from our beloved parents. A ring can show religious devotion or even political affiliation.

As we grow older and fall in love, we wear an engagement ring to show that we are going to marry the person of our dreams - it proudly tells the world that we are no longer simply single. It can also be something of a trophy. These days, men also might wear an engagement ring to tell the world that they are committed to just one woman.

The most important rings that we ever wear, full of beautiful meaning for both men and women, are our wedding rings. So it is vital that we choose well. Often a wedding and engagement rings are a matched set, which will be worn together through life. Although once a person is married, an engagement ring may perhaps only be worn on special occasions; a wedding ring once put on is rarely, if ever, taken off.

An eternity ring is a continuing promise of love and devotion; generally these rings are given on special anniversaries, and are distinguished by having a continuous pattern which goes around the whole ring. When a married couple has been together for many years, and has ridden out the storms of life together, what could be more beautiful than the gift of a sparkling ring, symbolizing the eternal unbroken circle of love?

Rings can also be used just for pure fun and dressing up, to show off beautiful tapered fingers and a lovely manicure, to enhance our gestures as we talk, and to add life and vibrancy to our appearance. Dress rings can be chunky and modern, or dainty and elegant, depending on your own personal style. You can choose from plain or fancy pieces, depending on your mood, and the variety of gemstones and semiprecious stones which can be set into a ring is truly breathtaking. Of course, there is nothing to stop you wearing a ring or two on every finger – and even on your toes!

We understand exactly what rings mean in your life - the special feelings which each and every ring conveys. So be sure to choose from our collection, a very beautiful and unique selection of jewelry.




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