Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Jeveva jewelry made of?
2. What is the difference between natural and cultured pearls?
3. What are treated gemstones?
4. How do I choose the correct length for my necklace?
5. How do I determine my correct ring size?
6. How can I care for and maintain my Jeveva jewelry?
7. Do you offer gift wrapping?


1. How do I order from Jeveva?
2. Is it safe to order from Jeveva?
3. When will I be billed?
4. I have encountered a problem while ordering. What should I do?
5. How can I check my order's status?
6. Can I cancel an order?


1. What payment options do you accept?
2. How can I apply a discount or store credit code?
3. Are prices on your website subject to change?

Shipping & Delivery

1. How fast will you process my order?
2. How long will my package spend in transit?
3. What are your regular shipping options?
4. How can I track my order?
5. I do not live in Canada or the USA. Can I still purchase from Jeveva?
6. Why is the tracking number of my order inactive or invalid?
7. Can I ship to one address and be billed from another?
8. Do you ship packages during holidays?
9. Are customs fees and duties included in the shipping cost?

Return & Exchange

1. What is your return policy?
2. How can I return a package?
3. When will my purchase be refunded?
4. I have received an incorrect item or it was damaged during shipping, what should I do?
5. How do I prepare a package to be returned?

My Account

1. How is the personal information of my account used?
2. How do I notify a change of address to Jeveva?
3. I forgot my password, what should I do?
4. How can I change my password?
5. How can I contact Jeveva for general comments and feedback?



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